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[at-l] Laurel Fork Bridges, Ble-Blaze, etc.

   It was very good to see Pittsburgh telling the story of the  Laurel Fork 
Bridges, of their destruction and their speedy replacement.  He mentioned 
that I was involved, and I was, (in a very minor capacity), in working on 
the replacement Blue-Blaze Trail that served until the bridges were fixed.  
I just wanted to say that while I was glad to be part of the project, along 
with lots of other folks, the replacement Blue-blaze that kept the Trail 
open in '98, and the incredibly speedy replacement of the bridges, would not 
have come about without the efforts of Bob Peoples, who lives in Dennis 
Cove, who, with his wife Pat, helps care for the Trail in those parts, in 
addition to running the best damned hiker hostel from Georgia to Maine.

   This stretch of Trail is fantastic, and it stays that way, in no small 
measure, thanx to Bob and Pat.  Memebers of the Class of 2000 should mark 
this and mark it well:  Make sure you stop by Kincora and say Hey to Bob and 
Pat; stay overnight if you can; and if there's some Trail work or 
maintenance going on, kick back for a day and hang out with Bob down by the 
River.  You'll have a blast, you'll meet some of the finest folks on the 
Trail, and you'll be giving something back for the folks hiking after you.  
And, depending on when you're pasing thru Kincora, you'll probably eat like 
a King.  Don't miss it.
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