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Re: [at-l] Avery Awards

> I say well put - but I fear you are mistaken about the "Wingfoot WHO"
part -
> because as long as he is hosting what is probably the single largest
> that wannabe or currrent hikers with a computer find, it ain't gonna
> It would be easy to look at his awesome website,

Hopefully this will put a bit of perspective on some of your
thoughtsconcerns, I found WF's site/list through this list and don't find
his website all that impressive, mostly due to its "broken/under
construction" condition.  After a week of reading the both lists I had
pegged him as some one who really needed to go take a hike!  I.E. he has
lost whatever sense of perspective he had, and is so wrapped up in being the
one true prophet of the AT that he has no sense of humor or balance to his
approach on issues he has invested himself in.  That's a wannabe, newbie,
take on this fellow.  :)

Also as a list moderator for many years I can tell you that its never a good
idea for a moderator to over moderate a list.  Its self defeating :)  You
have to kick all the dissenters off the list to maintain control, and since
they are usually the better/more interesting members the list tends to
suffer.  Gosh I'm good at pointing out the obvious aren't I? ROTFL!

> The Redhead

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