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Re: [at-l] Re: RC & Moon pie was Re: Debates

Did any of you pour a little package of peanuts into the neck of a 6 oz.
Coke, then drink it?  That was a real delicacy when I was growing up.  And
the term "dinner" told a lot about where you were from.  In our neck of the
woods, dinner was at noon.  "Up Noth", it was in the evening.  We ate
breakfast, dinner, and supper, as opposed to breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Once, after we'd lived Up Noth for several years and had moved back to
Mississippi, I called the local auto parts store one Sat. to find out when
they closed.  "At dinner."  "Is that dinner at noon or dinner in the
evening?"  "WHO IS THIS????"  Ah, memory lane.  Is lane trail related?

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