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[at-l] Hiking poles

> The friend I'm taking on a dayhike this weekend is concerned about her
knees.  (When we did a section into Damascus, one of them swelled up and was
so painful that her son had to hike back up to the top of the Trail to get
her pack) She is a runner, but apparently the two things are different :)
That was her one experience on the Trail - in fact, that may have been two
years ago??  Wow.  Anyway.  She's ready to try it again - a dayhike first
before she staps on a pack again. She questioned me about my Leki's, and
seems inclined to want to try hiking poles.  So - here's an actual gear
question.  She doesn't want to shell out the money for high end Leki's, but
she does want a pair of real hiking poles, not just a stick or a cane or
anything.  Is there another comparable hiking pole out there that is a
little easier on the pocketbook?
> Thanks in advance -
> The Redhead (thinking the Teletubbies need a JanSport like mine . . .) :)
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