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[at-l] Gear review - Telly-tubbies

> This morning I watched a very informative display of problems for those
> embracing ultralite gear.
> This morning, TinkyWinky packed a meal of Tubby toast in his lightweight
> bag. Later he found Dipsy's hat, and added it to his bag. He was concerned
> with the environmental blight caused by Lala's ball, and put it in his
> He was really miffed to find Po's abandoned scooter, and packed it to send
> for recycling.
> Unfortunately, his ultralight bag had the room for this gear, but had a
> poorly designed suspension system. No belt, no frame, only a couple of
> and poorly cushioned straps. He couldn't get up a small hill, much as many
> people starting at the base of the falls today.
> Fortunately, his hiking buddies helped him out of this problem. If
> TinkyWinky was like me and bought a TNF Behemoth Bag, this would have been
> no problem. He wouldn't have been able to move after packing his food!
> Think about this before your next gear purchase.
> OrangeBug
> Atlanta, GA
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