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Re: [at-l] Buffington's thru-hike prep / P.O. logistics

<<P.O. Logistics
Gary's puzzled by the physical logistics of receiving maildrops. Here's the
scenario: both of them, laden with packs, go into the Bland P.O., pick up a
bounce box and a maildrop, and then have a mile-plus roadwalk to get to the
Big Walker Motel. How do they juggle the boxes, their packs, and the
mileage...or, better yet, how did YOU?>>

For the most part most thruhikers I was with or saw in '98 opened the boxes
at the PO and sat on the sidewalk outside.  We'd all get out our food bags,
rearrange everything, trade food with each other, chow down! give away
things we didn't want, (many times there was a hiker box at the PO where
we'd leave things or if not there, somewhere nearby... a hostel etc). and
packed up at the PO.  When possible we'd also chuck all their trash
including the box too.  If we were staying at a hostel or in town somewhere
we usually dragged everything back there to go through it.  I specifically
remember sitting outside at Walasi-Yi, Fontana, Hot Springs, Pearisburg,
Waynesboro, Bear Mountain, Port Clinton, Cheshire... lots of places and
going through stuff.  It's also a good way to meet other people you haven't

Of course there were times when folks would be giving you a ride... either
if you hitched (which I did only twice the whole time) or from the place
you were staying, or friends of other hikers, or Pittsburgh!  So that made
it easier.  Of course it's best if you can get your maildrop delivered to
the motel or hostel where you'll be staying... then you don't have to take
it anywhere.. like at the Blueberry Patch, Kincora, The Motel in Atkins
(can't remember the name), Inn at the Long Trail, The Barn, The Cabin...
etc.  Someday I'll do it again... and will minimize maildrops and the ones
I have I'll try to send as many as I can to "places", not PO's just to
avoid having to get there when it's open.  Hope this helps.

GA>ME '98

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