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Re: [at-l] Buffington's thru-hike prep / P.O. logistics

Navigator wrote:
> P.O. Logistics
> Gary's puzzled by the physical logistics of receiving maildrops. Here's
> scenario: both of them, laden with packs, go into the Bland P.O., pick up
> bounce box and a maildrop, and then have a mile-plus roadwalk to get to
> Big Walker Motel. How do they juggle the boxes, their packs, and the
> mileage...or, better yet, how did YOU?
I tried to do it all at the PO if possible. I would put everything in my
pack and leave the garbage there. It was usually a real pain in the a**,
especially if the laundry, the PO and the hostel/motel were distances from
one another and it was near to the closing time for the PO. That happened
alot. Next thru I'll probably try to rely almost exclusively on local


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