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[at-l] Buffington's thru-hike prep / P.O. logistics

Hey, folks -- we can use some quick input here. I'm visiting with Gary and 
Millie as they hit the home stretch for thru-hike prep, and they're far too 
busy to keep up with the list,  so if you can throw some quick answers back 
at me regarding questions they have, it would be QUITE helpful. As each comes 
up these next few days, I'll post with a similar header. 

P.O. Logistics
Gary's puzzled by the physical logistics of receiving maildrops. Here's the 
scenario: both of them, laden with packs, go into the Bland P.O., pick up a 
bounce box and a maildrop, and then have a mile-plus roadwalk to get to the 
Big Walker Motel. How do they juggle the boxes, their packs, and the 
mileage...or, better yet, how did YOU?

Cheers, Navigator
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