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[at-l] Gear review - Telly-tubbies

This morning I watched a very informative display of problems for those 
embracing ultralite gear.

This morning, TinkyWinky packed a meal of Tubby toast in his lightweight 
bag. Later he found Dipsy's hat, and added it to his bag. He was concerned 
with the environmental blight caused by Lala's ball, and put it in his bag. 
He was really miffed to find Po's abandoned scooter, and packed it to send 
for recycling.

Unfortunately, his ultralight bag had the room for this gear, but had a 
poorly designed suspension system. No belt, no frame, only a couple of thin 
and poorly cushioned straps. He couldn't get up a small hill, much as many 
people starting at the base of the falls today.

Fortunately, his hiking buddies helped him out of this problem. If 
TinkyWinky was like me and bought a TNF Behemoth Bag, this would have been 
no problem. He wouldn't have been able to move after packing his food!

Think about this before your next gear purchase.

Atlanta, GA

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