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Re: [at-l] Support List? (Admin) and a rant!

At last, a query I'm qualified to answer!  I've done the waiting at home 
shipping the boxes for Wanchor to most of the ATx2, a lot of a completed 
section hike of the FT, all of the PCT, the Long Trail, and all of the trails 
in the Smokies.  

Personally, I would prefer to keep the support folks as part of the larger 
group of any major trail list.  Why?
1.  You can get info about other hikers whom your hiker will be 
meeting--hikers who may not have anyone on a support list
2.  You can get general info about the trail conditions, weather, events, 
etc., that might not appear on the support list.  
3.  It is quite easy to meet other support folks and e-mail with them off 
That special bond that develops between the worriers (count me among them) 
can go on among those who worry most without having a separate supporter 
list.  Additionally, the things I worried about when Wanchor was on the PCT 
were quite a bit different from those that concerned me on the AT.  

I think separating the supporters would cause them to miss out on a lot of 
the flavor of things.  Besides, the more bolstering a supporter can get (like 
from the larger audience of the entire list) on "down" days, the better off 
you are.  It would be helpful if each spring someone (okay, I'll do it) would 
post to encourage the supporters to identify themselves and their hiker.  

Just one opinion,

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