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[at-l] Support List? (Admin) and a rant!

- I've had a couple of inquiries now regarding a "hiker support
list"...  A sort of filtered down, relevant info/news only for those
supporting hikers, staying at home, about to leave, etc.


And the rant:    As the use of temporary web-based email accounts
increase, my mailbox gets full of over-quota postmaster messages.    In
many cases, they get cleaned up after awhile but we do have some chronic
offenders.    I'm getting about a dozen bounces per real message these
days and will start removing people if their mailboxes are full for a
large number of days.

Ryan K. Brooks                          V: 414-908-9000
ryan@inc.net                            F: 707-885-4944
   Time Warner Telecom / Internet and Data Division

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