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[at-l] Re: RC & Moon pie

Any old southerner knows that an RC goes with a moon pie and which one came

But only a few know why they went together so well.

Anybody remember, or am I the only "old" southerner on the list.

ME-GA '99
In hiking there is no special recognition given for speed, style or
finesse. There are only those that do the hike and those that don't.

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Date:          Mon, 6 Mar 2000 22:16:04 -0500
Subject:       Re: [at-l] Avery Awards
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I personally think that what WF does with the website is (for the most part)
beneficial for hikers and the trail.  However, half of the ThruHikers I've
polled -- 50% -- I'm a Math Major (joke, y'all)  -- this weekend didn't know
about Dan Bruce, Wingfoot or Trailplacedotcom.  They didn't know about AT-L
either.  And some didn't know about Trail Days!

One in Three never even looked at the web for information on hiking -- used
the library or the book store!  And a couple didn't have internet access at

As upset as I was/am at JocktheDancer, do I see that reflected in the
DantheBruce discussion?   Aren't they about the same thing, bottom line?
Maybe?  Maybe not?

Anyway -- I won't bring up Jock any longer if no one else brings up Dan.
Otherwise for every Dan post, I get one Jock post.

running for cover -- 50% of the time
<am I the only one laughing?>

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