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Re: [at-l] MiniRuck Invitation

> To make this trail related, does anyone have a favorite club to use when
> teeing off Albert Mountain? I've figured a 3 iron would carry over to
> Cashiers, but I've wondered about a wood.

These days, for me, its the Gold Club for wood ...

Albert Mtn tee'ed me off but good when I first climbed northbound.

The book called the climb memorable, and believe me, I've not forgotten it.

But Albert just stood there with no emotion at all, as impassive and
disinterested as any other mountain I've ever met.

I'll take a pretty chashier any day, and two would be fine, too, but hiker
babes are better, since they don't require carrying and I don't have a 3
iron to do the job for me.

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