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Re: [at-l] MiniRuck Invitation

I BEG to differ, sir, there IS a side trail that leads to Blood Mountain,
it's just an UP hill climb is all.

The BEAR HAIR Trail, when taken clock wise, has a spur trail at exactly a
mile in that leads UP to Blood Mountain on the Coosa Backcountry Trail, from
whence Trail I received my Trail Name.  At the top of the climb, you're at
Slaughter Gap.

Also, at Vogel, there's a waterfall there with a wooden observation deck at
the bottom (trail down to it) and a mile trail around the lake and the Bear
Hair Trail is about 4 miles, has an overlook with elevation 1/2 of Blood or
a bit more where you can sit and see Blood over one shoulder and Lake
Tralyta over the other shoulder.  There's also a CCC Museum with some great
items from that era.

IF you decide you want to be in a cabin, don't forget to check out the
lovely and slightly more expensive http://www.enota.com with its 200 foot
waterfall.  It too has trails that lead to the AT altho' they are NOT well
marked and they are a definite UP hill climb.  The FS won't let them be
marked because the GATC doesn't want any more hiker amenities added to the
AT in Georgia.  They prefer a 'wilderness experience' with as few white
blazes as possible   And they discourage Trail Angeling in any form.  Which
is why I have refused to pay my dues for 2000.  Rather than get kicked out
of the club, I quit!  Nobody tells this body what to do with my body but ME.

Also, I won't be here that weekend.  I'll be hiking Massey Gap to Damascus.
Else you could use my home as a base (3 1/2 acres).  Maybe next time?


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>Earthworm - just a thought.  Lake Winfield Scott does not have shower
>facilities.  Just down the road, Vogel State Park does.  Vogel also has
>cabins, camp store, laundry, phones, miniature golf - and the campsite
>prices are the same as Winfield Scott.  There are no side trails that
>connect Vogel with the Appalachian Trail, but Neels Gap is only a 3 mile
>drive away...

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