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Re: [at-l] Avery Awards

I say well put - but I fear you are mistaken about the "Wingfoot WHO" part - 
because as long as he is hosting what is probably the single largest resource 
that wannabe or currrent hikers with a computer find, it ain't gonna happen.  
It would be easy to look at his awesome website, read about how he 
"thruhiked" so many times, and believe what he says.  How many newbies show 
up at HIS site, and believe every word he says?  I know, I know - maybe to a 
ton of thru hikers he is nobody - but the AT isn't maintained by the new thru 
hikers who aren't a part of the hiking community yet - but will be soon.   
The AT isn't protected by new hikers that know nothing about the whole thing 
yet.  The AT is what it is today because of a lot of people - NONE of them 
named Dan Bruce - who sacrifice (and sacrificed, for those no longer with us) 
their time, money and efforts - and give of their dreams - and sweat - to not 
only make it - but continue to make it - a place we all on this list have the 
opportunity to love.

Just like any other public figure - and he chooses to make himself so - we 
have a right to talk about what he is doing.  And I don't think it makes us 
any less of a campfire, any less of a circle of friends, to acknowledge and 
discuss what he is doing, and the ever widening rift he continues to make 
between hikers - even on this list.  What he is doing is wrong.  If not his 
petty lawsuits, then his proposal of an award.  And if you think ignoring him 
will make him go away - how many years ago were *you* kicked off his list, 
did you say?  Is his influence more or less than it is now?  As long as he 
can make sure no one contradicts him or answers his ludicrous posts on HIS 
list, he controls more than you are acknowledging.

Very respectfully,

The Redhead
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