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[at-l] Avery Awards

Wingfoots words about Myron Avery are below.  I am also including the URL...



Myron Avery

   . From: ATML
   . Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 23:26:38 -0500

   Myron Avery would be out of place in today's "feel good, easy
   America. Avery did not play at building the Trail, he built it. He was
   the first to hike all of it. It is widely known that Avery was much
   respected but not very well liked by many in AT and ATC circles in those
   early days. His close associates revered him. He did not cater to
   weaknesses, instead encouraging those around him to strive for
   He also respected honest accomplishment. When Earl Shaffer announced that
   he had thru-hiked the AT, Avery's first remark was, "I wonder if he
   did it?" For all of the above reasons, Avery is the name that we will use
   for the society being founded this year to recognize those who have hiked
   the entire Appalachian Trail. The Avery Society and Awards will have
   meaning, first and foremost, because they are named in honor of the
   force that produced the Appalachian Trail, Myron Avery, a man of thought,
   action, and integrity.


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