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Re: [at-l] Avery Awards

Give me a break.

I know that I haven't contributed much to the list in the past few years.
Maybe that is because there are so many experts here who word themselves so
eloquently, maybe because it is a pretty big list and I can be socially
challenged in large groups. But, to my credit I do manage to read most of
the posts, and I have replied off list to some folks. I care about and
appreciate the list. It has been a good camp fire to sit around. I would
have most anyone who is an honest hiker to my home most any time. Y'all are

I've seen the list go through some changes-  the monkey butt wars, c*ll
ph*nes, umbrellas, purity discussions. All kinds of strange stuff has
happened here and things have usually turned out well 'cause of the great
attitude of the people here.

Every once in a while there will be something said on that other list (I was
banned years ago) that somebody will drag over here. It usually reminds me
of something that the cat drug in - rotten and smelly.

So lets look at the facts. Wingfoot doesn't materially contribute to this
forum, nor does he desire to by the virtue of his ban on cross posting. In
other words, he doesn't want to pull a log up to this fire since he can't
control the fuel or the fire feeders.

Folks, lets not mess up a good thing. If somebody doesn't want to be here,
don't try and drag them over by quoting them or talkin' about 'em. Just
leave them be. He'll go away. Life is all about attrition. The guy hasn't
thru hiked in years, nor has he published his rag in a while. If someone
wants a high profile they won't be able to hide what kind of person they are
forever. This can result in a loss of popularity and influence. If you don't
want to help his cause then don't give him free publicity and don't buy his
book, if he ever gets it published again. In a few years you'll be hearing
in hiking circles "Wingfoot WHO??"

Let's keep this list a good list. Talk about the positives. I personally
would rather hear about KC's personal life then WF's drivel. I find it
somewhat of a dichotomy hearing about some old fat has been espousing about
honor and integrity and being out of place in today's "feel good, easy

When I used to be a preacher we used to call them greasy prophets. You know,
the guys who were once anointed with fresh oil, who had life and vision and
then they became self serving so the oil got old and rancid. Too bad, but
that is attrition for ya.

Stay fresh, stay real and hike your own hike (have your own camp fire).

All the best to y'all...


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