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[at-l] Goodbye and Thanks for Everything

Though I rarely spoke or contributed, I just wanted to thank all you folks
for your help over the last few months.  My wife and I are off to Springer
in two weeks to start our thru-hike, and I am signing off.

I want to thank particularly those folks who answered a couple of arcane
gear questions and those who expressed interest and sympathy when I was
trying to find a temporary home for my two cats (we have found a foster home
for them, BTW, so I can hike with a clear conscience).

Again, thanks so much.  My wife and I have an e-mail address
(stuckydorris@backpacker.com), and if I get to a library or somewhere to
check it, I'll submit a post regarding our progress.

Take care, and happy hiking ...

Adrian Z. Dorris

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