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Re: [at-l] straight?

> I really wish you had left the message in the trash. I understand and
> with your note, but you are responding to something of a "troll."
> If KC chooses to be offended by our comments about family, beliefs and
> relationships - there is nothing that anyone can do about that. When she
> baits others with such comments, it has a message that may not be the
> intended message. I suspect that KC is a great deal less comfortable with
> sexuality and religious issues than she seems. There is the appearance of
> "protesting too much." It is sad if there is such prejudice based on such
> issues, especially in a community as inclusive as we experience here.
> I suggest that rather than taking the bait and making KC repeat her
> perceived insults from the world, we listen and hear her message that she
> feels insulted and ostracized. Maybe she will find a way to explore these
> issues in a more helpful forum, and maybe not. In any case, there is no
> call to defend your lifesyle or private thoughts. I hope she will become
> less defensive about her lifestyle and private thoughts.
> OrangeBug
> Atlanta, GA
> At 06:39 PM 3/5/2000, monadnockdee@juno.com wrote:
> >I have been thinking about this post off and on all day today. I deleted
> >it once and thought "forget it", but then I dug it out again so here
> >goes...
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