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Re: [at-l] straight?

I don't know how many times I have to say this,,,the damn original post was
a JOKE,,,a funny,,,a light hearted passing JOKE,,,it wasn't meant to create
all this discussion,,,,Jeez,,,what part of JOKE don't you understand,,,IT
WAS A JOKE,,,get over it!!!! I am NOT offended by comments about family,
beliefs and relationships....obviously you are offended by my family,
beliefs and relationships. I did NOT bait anyone,,,it was a JOKE....  I do
NOT feel insulted or ostracized,,,not at all,,,I have meet a lot of
wonderful people on this list. In fact,,,when I attended the Gathering,,,a
young man from Atlanta rode with me,,,yes,,,in my car,,,he was fixin to
become a minister,,,we even listened to one of his religious tapes and had a
great discussion about it!!! Sooo,,,,do you know understand,,have I
explained it enough times!!!! the original post was meant to be a light
hearted JOKE!!!!!!! KC (proud lesbian, pagan, and probably all those other
things you don't like),,,get over it!!!!!! Let's go for a hike
sometime,,,you will see,,,I'm NOT all that bad. KC

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