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Re: [at-l] straight?

I really wish you had left the message in the trash. I understand and agree 
with your note, but you are responding to something of a "troll."

If KC chooses to be offended by our comments about family, beliefs and 
relationships - there is nothing that anyone can do about that. When she 
baits others with such comments, it has a message that may not be the 
intended message. I suspect that KC is a great deal less comfortable with 
sexuality and religious issues than she seems. There is the appearance of 
"protesting too much." It is sad if there is such prejudice based on such 
issues, especially in a community as inclusive as we experience here.

I suggest that rather than taking the bait and making KC repeat her 
perceived insults from the world, we listen and hear her message that she 
feels insulted and ostracized. Maybe she will find a way to explore these 
issues in a more helpful forum, and maybe not. In any case, there is no 
call to defend your lifesyle or private thoughts. I hope she will become 
less defensive about her lifestyle and private thoughts.

Atlanta, GA

At 06:39 PM 3/5/2000, monadnockdee@juno.com wrote:
>I have been thinking about this post off and on all day today. I deleted
>it once and thought "forget it", but then I dug it out again so here

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