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[at-l] MiniRuck Invitation

I think I can make it.  See you that Friday...


	Easter weekend, Friday April 21 through Sunday April 23, at Lake 
Winfield Scott (a U.S. Forest Service campground north of Atlanta, north
of Suches south of Blairsville) there will be a *real* AT-L campfire at a
weekend campout for Listers-and-significant-others.

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When I was a teenager (delete now if you've heard this) my best friend and I
would get on a bus to Annapolis, change to the bus to Washington, DC, and
then get off at Union Station and walk around DC -- this was the time when
you didn't have metal detectors or have to have a ticket to enter the Senate
or the House Gallery.  We AlWaYs dressed up -- and tried to look
sophisticated -- and we also always made fun of the obvious tourists --men
in their burmunda shorts, black shoes and sox, and large cameras around
their necks.  The women were in plaid and print outfits usually.   This was
the "dark ages" back in the early early 60's.   We rode in the 'train' that
goes between the Senate Office Building and the Capitol one car away from
Senator Margaret Chase Smith (Maine) and had Edward R. Murrow (CBS) walk by
us an arm length away.

Memories, Coosa

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>As a native Washingtonian, the local term is "turoid": tourist + ,well,
it's not
>very complementary. We get a lot of 'em down at the mall, museums and
>They're harmless and help the economy.
>- Gary from Fairfax

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