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Tiny Community was Re: [at-l] Lawsuits

In a message dated 3/5/2000 6:48:17 PM Eastern Standard Time, pmags@juno.com 

<< And that's what we are: a tiny little community.. >>

Not to change the subject, but something funny/neat happened today. While on 
the phone with Mom, I told her I was planning to hike in 2004 (breaking her 
in early). She started talking about how I needed to spend the time getting 
equipment, etc. I kind of chuckled and said "Mom, I could walk out the door 
today and hit the trail without any problems."  She replied, "Well, but you 
would need to at least make some arrangements so you would have someone come 
and say hello and bring you goodies during the hike. You wouldn't want to go 
pretty much the whole way without seeing your friends and family."  And I 
said, "But Mom, I have friends all the way up the east coast, never mind the 
new ones I would make.  Granted, I haven't actually 'met' all of these 
friends but it doesn't matter, they are friends who I would feel comfortable 
asking any favor of."

She didn't quite 'get it', but I did and it gave me warm fuzzies all day. Or 
maybe thats just my Springer Fever kicking in? 


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