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Re: [at-l] straight?

somebody wrote:

> I don't care what you do in your home or who you do it with. I am
>tired of hearing about!

To which KC replied:

> I hear ya! But then why is it ok for ya'all to talk about your wives,
> husbands, and children? There is an awful lot of that kind of talk 
> on the list. KC

And now Dee adds:

I have been thinking about this post off and on all day today. I deleted
it once and thought "forget it", but then I dug it out again so here

I consider everyone who is reading this post to be one of my friends and
part of my hiking family, whether I have met you in person yet or not.
And because we are all friends/hiking family here we all pretty much
accept each other with our individual oddities and differences. 

I would feel totally comfortable sharing with this list anything about my
husband, children, or dogs that I thought you might be interested in.
"Second Chance" just recently shared her good news with us about getting
married because we are a part of her friends/family. Last year Sloetoe
had sad news to share when his marriage and family broke up...it is a
part of who we are and one of the best parts of this list. 

KC, I think it is great that you found Amazon and the two of you are
happy together. I think you are just as welcome to talk about your
relationship as anyone else here is to talk about their spouses, kids,
partners, dogs, soon-to-be-exes, ferrets, or whatever. I don't remember
seeing anyone post to the list that they were offended by that. What
bothers me is when you take posts to the list that have nothing to do
with you and make them personal attacks about your being a lesbian. The
word "straight" has more than one meaning and if we use that word in a
post we should not have to be worried about offending someone! If you
want to spell woman with a "y" that is kewl by me but I am going to
continue to spell it with an "a" and that has nothing to do with you. It
is my choice. If you don't care for the way I spell it I guess you can
either delete my posts or read it with a "y". =)

There is plenty of room around this campfire for all of us, married,
single, male, female, straight, gay, black, white, old, young...the list
goes on. We all have the common bond of a love of hiking and the AT. We
here on this list are not the enemy. You don't need to keep defending
yourself with us. 

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