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Re: [at-l] Glucosamine

Here is another testimony to Glucosamine. I have been using it since 1997. I
was 56 years old and doing 3 to 4 ultamarathons a year and did a brutal 24
hours run. After the run my normal knee problems were really bad. Heard
about G from a weight lifter. Tried it and the pain came under control after
3 months. I take 3 - 500 mg tablets each morning. I also have been using
Ibuprofen for the last 15 years 2 - 200 mg before my 6 to 10 mile run each

I am not a researcher or a doctor. What I do know is that like Pete I am
still running ultras, long distance cycling, backpacking and winter
mountaineeing and hope to be doing it late in life.

G is the greatest.
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