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Re: [at-l] contact lenses on trail?

At 9:52 AM -0500 3/5/00, Gould, Dan wrote:
>I'm planning a section hike for April and am a new wearer of contact lenses
>(2-week disposables).  It seems like the degree of hygiene required to
>maintain them would be hard to achieve on the trail.  Anyone have any
>experience they care to share?  TIA,

I wore acuvue 2 week disposables when I hiked from springer to damascus in
'98, and never had a bit of trouble. I've worn contact lenses for over 30
years, so i may be more relaxed about procedure than a new wearer. My
hygiene consisted of removing them each evening with "somewhat" clean hands
and letting them soak overnight in their case in Opti Free one solution. i
did carry wet ones antiseptic wipes, and if my hands were really crummy i'd
wipe with those before removing my lenses. I always carried a spare pair of
contacts and also carried glasses but never had to use them.


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