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Re: [at-l] First Saturday in March---

At 10:11 PM 3/4/00 -0600, Leslie Booher wrote:
>Speaking of trails (were we?), the Iditarod started today.  Now, there's the
>way to go, riding on a sled.  All you have to do is to tend to 10 to 15 dogs
>all the time.  We could really cover the ground that way, huh?  Maybe we
>could rig up some kind of contraption (no wheels, remember) that we could
>ride and have the dogs pull us to Maine.  We'd have to walk only in the
>Smokies and a couple of other spots.  I don't like dogs particularly well,
>but that sounds like fun.  <G>  Leslie

Quite a few years back there was a photo in CANOE magazine of a guy towing
his canoe across a portage. The canoe was about 2-3 feet off the ground. He
had filled the air bags with hellium. When he got in, of course, it no
longer floated in the air. I don't know how much helium it would take to
float the average hiker above the ground but you wouldn't want the harness
to break as you crossed a bald in a cross wind. Your dogs would get to
Katadhin but you'd end up in the Alps.

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