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[at-l] Old ATNs

First , I want to thank Laurie Potteiger for being a big help tp me on
several occasions. For instance, the other evening I figured out that
there were two issues of ATNs that were missing from my collection. They
were the two that came out during my hike and I didn't realize that I
didn't have them until the other night. Within a few days I had the two
issues on my desk (floor) thanks to Laurie.

Now , I'd like to make a couple of brief comments about a couple of
things I saw in them. First, I found it humorous to read Earl saying
that "Flip-flopping isn't thruhiking" (Sept-Oct '98).  Secondly, there
is a book review in the same issue. It is "Follow the River" by James
Alexander Thom. He is an author that has written several (man) novels
about Native Americans. He is married to one, as well. He lives about 3
miles from me and is a really nice guy. He also stands for environmental
issues. I just thought I'd tell ya.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"

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