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[at-l] Two Years Ago Today...

Two years ago today I started my AT hike.  The weather was beautiful - sunny 
and in the 70's.  A few days later the temps were near zero with a high or 20 

Every so often I ran into a hiker with a particular goofy grin.  I later 
learned that this was the look of a former thru hiker.  These were people 
that "got it" - they understood the meaning of a thru hike.  

One bit of advice I kept hearing was to enjoy every day on the trail because 
the hike would be over soon.  Of course, to a hiker starting out this advice 
sounded ludicrous.  After all, it seemed like progress was so slow and the 
distance was so vast.  I now understand what they were saying.

A lot of people tell you to start out with low mileage at first.  I think it 
is more important to start out slowly at first.  Don't push the miles per 
hour.  Too many hikers start out at a fast pace and wind up with 
stress-related injuries.  I never passed a single thru hiker during the day 
on my hike.  

Good luck to the class of 2000.


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