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[at-l] [at-list] lawsuit stuff

I do know that when I worked for a publisher, we had a mailing list, and it 
had some of our pesonal names on it as red flags. We would rent the list out 
for one-time use, and that way, we would know if the renter used it more than 
once. The list was proprietary simply because we had compiled it. We didn't 
have to add value; the very act of compiling the list (of interested buyers 
of a product, for example) adds value to the information.  If someone else 
compiled the exact same list totally independently, they would have the 
rights to use and sell their list. But they'd have to get the info from other 

I don't know the details of this particular issue, but I do know that when 
people from ALDHA did the first Thru-hikers Companion, they were absolute 
sticklers about not using anything from Wingfoot's guides. They would 
interview people who would say, "Well, why don't you just get that 
information from the Thru-hikers Guide, it's all in there," and they would 
say, "We can't -- we have to get it from you."

Personally, I hate hearing about these lawsuits sorts of things in our tiny 
little community. 

Karen Berger

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