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[at-l] re: awards

>letter stating that you completed the AT, that you hiked your own hike,
>and a check for $100 (I have two children going to college next year).

HEy..I will  give you the Bob Dudley award for a  mere $50! ;-)

Seriously though, it just occured to me how easy it is to make an
"official" award...

I am going to start a website dedicated to the fine art of getting the
most for your money at an AYCE buffet.  The nominee must prove that they
had a MININMUM of 4 plates with all the fixings at the Home Place in
Catawba.  Once a person claims this award, I will put them in "The Hall
of Gluttons" for all to see/review. If a person out in Internetland  has
a reasonable doubt of this said claim, then the membership application 
will be reviewed  again, and possibly revoked.  The award is a $2 off
coupon at  your nearest Baskin Robbins.  Suitable for framing!

--Glutton Extraordinaire...

ps. my favorite patch that I have?  Why the patch for the hardest of all
trails in this country.. Rhody's "North South Trail".. Elevation gains of
200'!  Remote areas that are as much as 1 mile from a road!  Views that
go for feet and feet and feet!  Ayup. Lovely white patch with the state
of Rhode Island on it. Probably the only person in Colorado sporting it.
:D  (Nice way to show my roots, if you will.)

Eanie, Meanie. Jelly Beanie. The spirits are about to speak!
--Bullwinkle Moose
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