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Re: [at-l] The Bob Dudley THru-Hiker Award

At 02:12 PM 3/4/00 -0500, Robert L Dudley wrote:
>OK gang this is the most prestigious award around.  It one of the most
>beautiful patches that one can obtain!!!  Celebrate completing the AT
>with beautiful day glow orange and puce patch!!!  The requirements?  A
>letter stating that you completed the AT, that you hiked your own hike,
>and a check for $100 (I have two children going to college next year).

Or.....you can apply for the Pielovers Institue of Excellance's  ThruEater's
Patch.....for the hiker who has traveled the longest "blueblaze" in search
of a good piece of pie.  The PIE Patch comes in Apple, Blueberry or
Lemon to coordinate with the leftovers in your beard.

Pie??  did someone mention Pie???
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