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Re: [at-l] Re: Debates...

For Shame, Coosa!

And you are from North Georgia.

The word is "sweetie" - one word. Used as in:"Poor me up sum that sweetie 
'n juss cuver the ice."

The other thang about Coke. You always ask for Coke, but if someone serves 
you a Pepsi instead, the Coke police might sue their asses (without a lot 
of threats, just business). Coke is a trademark, and the Coke police 
frequently check that it is not allowed to be used for other products - 
very aggressively.


At 11:57 AM 3/4/2000, Coosa wrote:
>***LOL, in the South when you ask for Sweet Tea, they know what you mean
>(most of the time,. some of the larger restaurants with headquarters in the
>Nawth, haven't a clue, so the waitpersons are forever apologizing).
>Coke is headquartered in Atlanta in Georgia, maybe that's why?

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