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[at-l] The Bob Dudley THru-Hiker Award

OK gang this is the most prestigious award around.  It one of the most
beautiful patches that one can obtain!!!  Celebrate completing the AT
with beautiful day glow orange and puce patch!!!  The requirements?  A
letter stating that you completed the AT, that you hiked your own hike,
and a check for $100 (I have two children going to college next year).

In all seriousness, I think that the sense of accomplishment is more
important than any patch.  I am not hiking for a trophy to put on my
mantel (if I had a mantel).  I know that many have that AT Patch, I am
just not all that interested.  If you want a patch you have to follow the
rules.  Me, I figure a man (woman/womyn) is as good as there word and if
you told me you hiked the whole AT then I would believe you.

THe weather is nice, the sun is shinning and I am off on a little walk. 
Tomorrow it will be a little Hike.

Grey Owl

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