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[at-l] Recognition and Stuff was Avery Awards and Avery monitors

Saunterer wrote:
>I think we're getting far too hung up on *recognition*.

But Saunterer, I'm not talking about us -- a very small minority of the
general public -- I'm talking about the congregation not the choir.  And a
small choir we are and a very large congregation they are.  To wit:  Hikers
who climb Mt Washingotn and ignore the warnings because "they don't mean US"
To wit:  Children hiking in front of their parents who think they know where
a switchback is leading, hike UP a hill instead of staying on the trail and
find that there's no trail where they head to, as it crossed over the
mountain in another direction and the children are now lost -- and SAR is
called to find them by frantic parents.  Sometimes successfully the same
day, occasionally after the children have spent a frightened night in the
To wit: tourists who think that "no climbing on waterfall" and "rocks are
extremely slippery, stay off" signs do not apply to them, climb up and fall
to their deaths or to serious injury.
And each of us reading this post know of a lot of other situations.

As for recognition.  It's fairly easy to recognize a backpacker who is
prepared from one who may be hike-challenged.  And you are correct that some
who appear unprepared do make it -- denim satchel over her shoulder and Keds
(r) on her feet!  No denying (road walks, Maine the old trail, etc) that.
It is ATitude after all which determines who makes it -- whether in one
continuous hike or in many section hikes.    And to those who DO make it,
the recognition comes from within.

For the congregation, it's the outward signs -- hey, who doesn't look at a
man in a tuxedo or a woman in an elegant evening gown walking into the Oscar
Awards ceremony and doesn't assign to that person some form of recognition?
It could be Joe and Jo Schmoe from Hoboken who got free tickets from their
local radio station!  But the public (not US) sees only the tux and gown and
automatically thinks "wow, they're famous, or they wouldn't be there!"

But I'm tired of talking to the choir -- I think I'm going to talk to the
congregation -- going to sign off this list in another month and see what
can do "out there among the masses"  --  After April 10, I'll be out there
hiking and will return when the 3 season is over -- November?   Got to get
on the trail --- and in the kayak!!!!!!

PS my home/hostel closes with the weekend of April 7-10, have one more open
weekend between then March 10-13 for any thru hikers.  email me.  and
there's a note with phone numbers at Neel Gap.

C'ya on the Trail,  Coosa

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