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Re: [at-l] PRESS RELEASE: Appalachian Trail Stories, Volume I

At 08:21 AM 3/4/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I tried to post this on another list, and it was
>characterized by that list owner as an advertisement
>that I should pay for, and further was:
>    "...raid[ing] the user base of [xxx]. I've
>    spent three-plus years building..."

Don't feel bad Pad, I got the same warning for posting about
our efforts to raise money for the Place.  Seems raising
money to rehab a Trail hostel isn't appropriate.  I do feel
badly that I can't thank the folks on ATML that did kick in
or tell them what a tremendous result we had.  I am still
blown away by it.  They'll never know what they were
part of.<sigh>.
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