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[at-l] re awards for thruhiking

A few years back, my husband Dan and I hiked the Susquehannock Trail in 
winter. We kept ourselves amused by the guidebook, which had a long section 
on just what you had to to do "prove" that you had hiked this 87- or 83- (or 
whatever) mile trail. You have to sign the registers to prove your were 
there. You had to send a detailed trail diary to a committee, which would 
then evaulate your worthiness to receive the coveted award that you had 
joined the elite group of hikers who had managed to accomplish this amazing 
feat. You could, the guidebook said, be "summoned" to appear before the 
committee if they had any questions about the legitmacy of your claim!!!

Gave us a great giggle. And no, we never did apply to the committee to 
receive the coveted piece of paper inducting us into the hallowed society of 
STS hikers!  recognition.

Karen Berger 
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