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Re: [at-l] The Original AT Markers

Thomas McGinnis wrote:

> They were used simultaneously, from the beginning.

White blazes weren't always an official AT marker. There were
some sections (e.g. the Maine section west of Grafton Notch)
that was blazed in a different color (yellow? I forget exactly)
at least through the 1950s.

> The tin diamonds were phased out (very slowly) due to,
> ah, enthusiastic hikers' tendencies to petty mischief/
> larceny. There were very few new ones when I hiked in '79.
> Anybody else?

I've seen exactly *one* original marker. It is somewhere between
Saddleback and Bigelow. I know with greater precision where it
is, but I ain't tellin'.

There's also a marker just downhill of the Zealand hut, but
it's a reproduction.



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