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Re: [at-l] introduction

Welcome. I love it. Quite a procrastinator!

You do not _have_ to have maps, as there will be plenty of folks carrying 
them along the way. I like to use the map to mark my daily travel, and to 
give me some sense of progress. It sort of dovetails into my journal.

Regarding start dates - it is traditional only if you hiked several times, 
in which you must post your average starting date as your traditional time. 
There seems to be more people starting earlier each year. At one point 
there seemed a bit of panic that the trail would be over run by hikers 
eager to do the Y2K thing. Most like to feel they have the time to get to 
Katahdin before weather closes it (usually 10/15), about 6 months of 8 
miles per day. Hence, April is certainly not too late, nor too early. Most 
of the accountants won't start until April 18, anyway.

Well, we know that you will not be carrying maps or a compass, for a 
current pack weight of Zero Ounces! That is the best so far. What else is 
on your gear list?

Atlanta, GA

At 01:48 PM 3/3/2000, Craig Groeschel wrote:
>I am planning to leave from Springer on April 15th.  I read somewhere that was
>the "traditional" start date, but it seems like a lot of people are leaving
>earlier.  Will I be in the middle of the herd, or bringing up the rear?
>I was hoping to save a hundred-odd bucks and not buy the maps, but now I guess
>I'd better ask.  Should I buy the maps?
>Wasn't planning on carrying a compass either.

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