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[at-l] [at list] hello all and a question

Hi, everyone. I'm Karen Berger, class of 94. 

I'm working as a part-time editor for GORP.com, the Web's largest outdoor and 
travel site. We're considering sponsoring some hikers the three triple crown 
trails. For the AT, we're interested in talking with southbounders because we 
won't be able to get this up and running in time for Northbound starts.  

Here's what we want to do:

1) Find thru-hikers on each of the major trails who are willing to carry a 
SMALL (like 1 1/2 pounds) computer or palmpilot, which would (we hope) be 
provided by a computer maker. (You'd have to give it back at the end). Or, if 
you're already planning on carrying a computer, you could use yours. 

2) We'll help you get some gear, either free, so you can test it, or at a 30 
percent pro-deal discount.

3) There would be some amount of financial support for your thru-hike.

In return you would:

1) Talk up GORP on the trail (when and if it was appropriate) so people you 
met would know they could follow along with your hike as you go.

2) Hook up to the Internet whenever you'r in town and send us some trail 
journals or articles. Also, interact with (ie: answer questions from) GORP 
visitors on our site.
Write about the gear you're using. 

3) Host a forum (questions and answers) after your trip. 

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is an aspiring writer. Obviously, 
we're looking for someone who can write reasonably well -- we'd like to get 
someone whose observations go beyond the usual "my feet hurt and I have 
blisters the size of Montana." We get 1 million hits a month, so a lot of 
people would be following what you're doing. I know there are a lot of trail 
journal sites out there, but GORP really has a lot of visibility and active 

If you're interested in learning more, e-mail me at KBerger466@AOL.com. (I'm 
also at KBerger@GORP.com -- that's easier to remember.)

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