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Re: [at-l] windbreakers that cover your butt

You might want to check out Helly Hanson products if you can find a 
distributor with a full selection here in the US.  They are probably heavy 
but I know some of their shells come with a cord that goes beetween your 
legs to help keep the jacket in place - primarily to help keep snow out but 
it would work in your case.  I've never worn one of these jackets but a 
friend (Norwegian) wore one for a long time before I realized it had this 
cord.  The jacket looked fairly tailored as shells go and there was nothing 
obvious about the cord.  I thought it was a nice feature but have never seen 
anything like that here.

Then again, I'm assuming it was Helly Hanson that created this jacket 
because my friend had a lot of HH clothing but that jacket may or may not 
have been HH.  In any case, it was a jacket he bought at home in Norway - so 
probably some scandinavian brand with x-skiers in mind.

Stitches, GAME99

>From: ejbaker <ejbaker@sover.net>
>	Any one have a gear suggestion for a light wind breaker type piece of
>clothing that I don't have to order five times too large just to get it
>cover a few inches beyond the tailbone?
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