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[at-l] windbreakers that cover your butt

Am fully frustrated about this one.  Took a walk this morning--beautiful,
very crisp and windy (hey we still got snow out here)--tried out my
fleece/silk/frogg toggs combo which would have worked fine if AS USUAL the
frogg togg top didn't insist on scootching up continually.  I like them for
the rain factor but toggs just aren't made to walk in yet (for golfers and
sitting in bleachers) in fact NO covering seems made to walk in.  I can't
find anything that adequately covers the backside during a stuff wind--I'm
taking out the togg elastic at the bottom and weighting down with tape
instead, but this seems ridiculous.  
	Any one have a gear suggestion for a light wind breaker type piece of
clothing that I don't have to order five times too large just to get it
cover a few inches beyond the tailbone?  (my frogg toggs is way too
large--I have to roll up/cut off the sleeves, would kick the darn *&#$
across the room if it weren't so light--and unfort. it's the only thing
this light that actually is waterproof).
	ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH (I'm packing and not longer have the kitties--they left
for the country this weekend, so I have nothing nothing but boxes and BADLY
MADE CLOTHING to talk to these days......

lack of closing parens intentional sign of despair...

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