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[at-l] Dogwood Half-Hundred

Just received the following from the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club mail

This is a nice 50K event.

There is a new route this year, so you might not have that great little hill
right after the marathon distance. If you want to check out the route, check
PATC map G.  It has always been a challenging event for both speed hikers
and somewhat slower folk, nicely supported w/o check points & sweepers to be
sure no one gets left on the trail, if they have a problem.   The cut-off
times at the check points are usually at around the 2.5 mile an hour pace,
as best I remember.  The actual cut-off times are in the
http://www.patc.net/dogwood/index.html site, if you want to do the
calculations.  They provide a light breakfast, water and some snacks
checkpoints, and a hot dinner at the end.

In the past (before retiring and moving a couple hundred miles south) I have
spent many a weekend clearing the route in preparation for the event; but,
before anyone ask, I have not hiked it -- not being into 30 mile days, on my
best days.


> Message: 1
>    Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 15:41:48 -0500
>    From: "Stephen RAIA" <raias@gunet.georgetown.edu>
> Subject: PATC's Dogwood Half-Hundred Hike is Coming Soon!
> The Fifteenth Annual Dogwood Half-Hundred long distance hike will take
place on Saturday, April 29, 2000.  This year's hike will again take place
in the Lee Ranger District of the George Washington National Forest.  Both
the start and finish will be at the Powell's Fort Camp. Participation is
limited to the first 250 applicants received on or before April 7, 2000.
The registration fee will remain $25.  For more information, see the Dogwood
pages on the PATC web site at http://www.patc.net/dogwood/index.html or call
Ric Francke at 703/356-2106.

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