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Re: Guide Books was: Re: [at-l] introduction - More!

>you forgot the set of books from Stackpole
>Press entitled _Exploring_the_Appalachian_Trail

and for the contrarian view (hey, this is the internet.  there has to be
disagreement about *everything*, right? :-))...

the first AT book i purchased was an impulse buy of Exploring the Applachian
Trail books for the Virginias.  I'm afraid i can't even recommend it for section
hikes.  the maps were the worst maps i've ever read, the elevation profiles
where far worse than the atc maps, and the commentary was boring.

of course, like footwear/guidebooks/clothing/hiking poles/internal
frames/external frames/etc./etc., it's a personal thing.  the coolest thing
about books is that they can be "trail tested" at the bookstore, unlike most
equipment.  it's not like a book's performance will degrade when it gets cold.

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