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Re: [at-l] jury duty

In a message dated 03/03/2000 10:40:24 AM EDT, ejbaker@sover.net writes:

<<  how did you deal with jury duty?  You've hit on my only worry--that
 I'll get called to serve while I'm hiking.  VT is small enough that the
 odds are actually good (esp. since I've been here 7 yrs already without
 being called and most of my friends have served once or twice) and irony
 runs wild whenever one travels. >>

I too have received a jury summons while on an AT thru-hike. All I had to do 
was to fill in the request for excusal/postponement section, and mailed it 
back. This is in FL so YMMV. Just received one the other day, for March 22.

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