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[at-l] jury duty

Ginny, how did you deal with jury duty?  You've hit on my only worry--that
I'll get called to serve while I'm hiking.  VT is small enough that the
odds are actually good (esp. since I've been here 7 yrs already without
being called and most of my friends have served once or twice) and irony
runs wild whenever one travels.

t 08:21 AM 3/3/00 -0500, you wrote:
>On Fri, 3 Mar 2000 01:17:22 -0500 "Kenneth R. Knight" <krk@home.msen.com>
>> In a related vein how do must of you handle repeating bills such as 
>> utilities, phone, and most importantly credit card, while away on a 
>> long 
>> distance hike?
>A lot of those can be either prepaid or set up with automatic payments. 
>We had a family member pay the final phone, electric etc., but had the
>bank make an automatic monthly payment to the credit card.  It worked. 
>Having someone look through your mail can be a good idea though, since
>there are sometimes unexpected bills, checks, etc.  And  some can't be
>prepaid.  Our car insurance came due in July and they wouldn't allow us
>to prepay. The support person can either forward the bills to you or pay
>them for you.  I got jury duty notice while I was gone - and a phone bill
>two months after the phone was disconnected.  We prepaid storage. The car
>inspection was the other problem - due in August, they wouldn't allow us
>to do it early.  Lots of details to consider.
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