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[at-l] Ed Garvey Shelter Info

ere's some great info on Ed Garvey Shelter from ALDHA.  Put your hand up if
your going to be involved in work party.  Raise them high now so all can
see them.
John O

Good news!  The Ed Garvey shelter is being built by PATC, and they need
your help.   The following dates are set aside by PATC for working on the
shelter at PATC's shelter-building workshop:

Weekends of 3/18-3/19 and 3/25-3/26.   The most important phase of the
building will occur all week on April 15-23.  The final weekend will be
April 29-30.  I believe the shelter will be placed at its permanent site
on the Trail sometime next year. (Don't hold me to that; ask Frank T.)

If you can help, contact Frank Turk, PATC's shelter coordinator, at (301)
249-8243  or <<frankturk@aol.com>>.  It would be great to have a big ALDHA
contingent there.

The site is in a Maryland suburb of Washington, DC.  Call Frank Turk for
directions and the exact location.

Henry Edwards,



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