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Re: [at-l] Re: Debates...

You know I don't think I've ever benn called a "yankee" to my face 
anywhere I've been in Europe. Must not be going to the right spots. I'm 
having a hard time recalling any instance where I've heard "yank" used as 
a nickname for "yankee" too. It seems like it must have happened, but I 
can't think of an occurance. I'm just a guy from "The States."  I'll have 
to pay closer attention later this year when I'm in England and the 

  ** Ken **

ps- On the subject of words and their usage: when I get to do my AT hike 
this year at least I'll get to hear people, well some anyway, refer to 
soda fountain drink as a soda instead of "pop." Yipppeeeee.... Ain't 
language great....

On 3/2/2000 4:10 PM Mara Factor m_factor@hotmail.com wrote:

>Imagine being a southerner visiting places in Europe/Asia/etc. and being 
>called a Yankee.  Once you're out of the USA, everyone from the USA is a 

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