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Re: [at-l] The Handbook, the Companion, and a respectful suggestion

On 3/2/2000 10:05 AM kahley7 kahley7@ptd.net wrote:


You know I've got a BIG box of TP, when you order through Amway you get A 
LOT OF IT, that I can bring down somewhere. Let's see if I move it from 
the upstairs to the bsaement I am working. My old physics classes bubble 
to the surface and remind me that work requires a force. We have the 
"force", the "TP", and the fact that I can not only bring it down but 
raise it up by moving it from one floor of my house to another. Does this 
mean I am one of those forces Kahley is speaking of? That, in fact, we 
can all be such forces since we all have TP somewhere.

Lo, I can even make this trail related.... we exert considerable force 
against an ever present acceleration more commonly called gravity, to 
raise and lower TP each time we move our backapckers as we plod along our 
favorite trail. If we didn't exter such force then we wouldn't go 
anywhere and our favorite trails would decay and vanish. That is, I 
submit gentle (and maybe not so gentle) reader, a Bad Thing.  Therefore, 
being considered among the, "FORCES WHO WISH TO BRING DOWN TP" should be 
taken as praise.... right.....?...sure.....

  ** Ken **

ps- Sorry, I just had a slew of images float through my mind including TP 
raining down on people's heads and the like so I felt I had to write 

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