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Re: [at-l] The great at-l limerick challenge

>So there's a rumble for a limerick competition
>From some listers who've made an oral petition
>Grim Beaper and the rest
>C'mon, bring on your best
>You'll be beaten into bloody submission.

A dare did I hear, my dear man?
Bring on the rhymes? Yes, I can
I've got band-aids to spare,
I'm your worst nightmare!
A hillbilly poetry fan...

Please don't bemoan your scalp's fate,
Some ladies think bald guys are great!
But I bet they'd come running
To say you were stunning
Were a great big white blaze on your pate...

A challenge to you, all of those
Who might like to join in the prose
I'm sure you can beat
A bear with solar heat
And this hiker who counts with his toes!

Peace, GrimBeaper
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